Renewing of three railway tracks in Northern Sweden

Comprehensive track renewal between Älvsbyn-Piteå, Bastuträsk-Skellefteå and Västeraspby-Långsele in Sweden. This involves rail services such as track, signal/telecom, electro and groundwork.

What we build

The railway between Piteå and Älvsbyn and between Skellefteå and Bastuträsk is in poor condition, and therefore the speed is temporarily reduced. The railway lines are important for business because they are used to transport goods to and from Upper Norrland, for example copper slag, round timber, sawn timber and paper rolls. Our track changes will ensure that we have a reliable railway and can raise the speed to 90 km/h again. The railway will also be easier and cheaper to maintain.

The upgrading of the railway between Långsele and Västeraspby is in demand, not least from the business community who want to increase transport by rail. Our upgrading of the track will ensure that it regains its former function, which provides the conditions for environmentally friendly transport on the route. In addition to efficient transport, the railway becomes an important link for diverting traffic between the main line and the line along the coast.

Project details
Period November 2021 – November 2022
LocationNorthern Sweden
Client The Swedish Transport Administration


Contract value


Railway tracks

The construction is divided into two main parts

  • Main part 1 is a section on the Pitebanan (bdl 141 Älvsbyn-Piteå) and a section on the Skelleftebanan (bdl 143 Bastuträsk-Skellefteå) and is a pure track change. Weight training is not performed.
  • Main part 2 is the Ådalsbanan section Västeraspby-Långsele (bdl 232B Västeraspby-Långsele) and includes, in addition to track replacement, ballast training, ground, electricity, signal and telecommunication works.

The project consists of all technical branches: Groundwork, cable channel, tracks, electro, signaling system and telecom with concentration on tracks.