Nordic mentoring program

NRC Group works systematically to develop its employees. The Nordic mentoring program is a two- way learning coalition where experienced leaders share their knowledge in pairs with younger colleagues. The Nordic mentoring program is the result of close collaboration across Norway, Sweden and Finland.

We want NRC Group to be a good place to work. Our employees are key enablers to succeed as a leading Nordic company for sustainable intrastructure. In this program, we focus on a professional two-way learning process supporting younger colleagues in accelerating their growth and development.

CEO Henning Olsen of NRC Group
About the program

The mentorship program is a learning journey over nine months, designed to accelerate the mentees potential. Together with their mentor they set the direction and create a strategy on how to follow up progress and reach their personal and professional ambitions. The mentor pairs meet each month for 1,5 hours to reflect and follow up on the mentee’s goals.

Program details
Duration9 months/meetings
Time per meeting1.5 hours

A partnership and a learning alliance

In NRC Group mentoring is a learning partnership between people with different levels of experience and professional knowledge, where the pairs can achieve new learning, new insights and professional growth and development. The main purpose of the program is to accelerate the mentee’s potential, and by contributing to this the mentor will also acquire new learnings and gain new perspectives. Therefore, an important part of the mentorship program is the matchmaking process to ensure that both parties can learn from their partnership.

Erdil Kenar is a mentor in NRC Group Norway, and he is curious and eager to learn from his mentee, Synnøve Arntzen. Synnøve is a Project Leader, and shows great potential and is already an important contributor in the Rail Division in NRC Group Norway. She is highly inspired to learn more from an experienced colleague as Erdil.

I want to develop my leadership skills through this program, and I would like to learn from my mentor Jouni’s experience. My wish is to gain more knowledge and get new ideas that will strengthen me professionally.

Mika Pykälämäki

Sitemanager NRC Group Finland

I think I can learn something from Synnøye, the young woman I am mentoring. Although she is fairly new to the industry and working life, she has already come a long way. So I have to try to figure out what she did.

Erdil Kenar

Technical Manager NRC Group Norway

A personal learning-journey

Mikail Kesecni is a mentee from NRC Group Finland that would like to grow his leadership skills. His mentor, Sami Korhonen, is looking forward to share his experience with Mikail, and at the same time being curios in learning more about Mikail’s skills and perspectives.

Trust and training are key success factors for a successful mentorship program grounded on open and honest conversations. On March 21, we had a full-day training for all mentors and mentees to kickstart the journey and give the pairs a solid foundation for a valuable partnership. In addition, we will provide relevant trainings during the nine month sjourney.

The Nordic Mentorship program is an important initiative on our journey towards being the most attractive partner and employer within our industry. Competence sharing like this, is very important to make sure we develop and retain younger employees with great potential, in NRC Group.

Vilde Haugnæss, Head of People Development & Talent Aqcusition

Vilde Haugnæss

Head of People Development & Talent Acquisition