Ensuring ethical business practices

Our business success is built on a foundation of trust. We believe that our business behavior should reflect the highest ethical standards. This goal requires that we actively review and maintain our policies and practices.

Ethical business practice is central to how we operate. We actively monitor and transparently report on how we meet the standards we set.

Martin Holst-Olsen, Head of Legal NRC Group Norway

Running a comprehensive ethics policy and compliance program

Our program focuses on prioritised areas including anticorruption, anti-bribery, fair competition and supply chain integrity. Routines and systems for whistleblowing are established in accordance with the Norwegian Working Environment Act. The Business Ethics and Code of Conduct Policy serves as NRC Group’s primary governance document for ethical business practices.

Anti-corruption training

Workshops and trainings are conducted with all managers in Norway, Sweden and Finland to prepare them for handling ethical conflicts. The training includes how to identify and act in situations involving corruption, such as being offered private services or kickbacks.