This is NRC Group

The future is on rails. We deliver the infrastructure.


Nordic employees 2021


Nordic revenue 2021


Reduction of GHG emissions by 2025
201110 years of growth

A challenger is born

NRC Group is founded in Norway.

201410 years of growth

The expanding journey starts

We acquire 14 companies in total towards 2019, to enable us to provide the entire value chain for building and maintaining rails.

201510 years of growth

Listed on Stock Exchange

We are listed on Oslo Stock Exchange. This is also the year we expand to Sweden.

201910 years of growth

Taking a leading position

We expand to Finland by acquiring VR Track. Through this acquisition, we establish a leading position in the Nordics.

202010 years of growth

New strategy

We present our new strategy with focus on profitable growth through operational improvement and by capitalising on a leading position and a strong market outlook.

202210 years of growth

A major Nordic company in the making

After a decade of growth, we are established as a leading player in the field of rail infrastructure in Norway, Sweden, and Finland. We will continue our growth journey and challenge the industry, when connecting cities and people in more efficient and sustainable ways.

The leading rail infrastructure company in the Nordics

NRC Group engineer and build sustainable transport solutions. We provide in-house competence and expertise mainly for complex projects within rail, light rail and civil engineering. In a few years, we have become a leading infrastructure company in Norway, Sweden, and Finland. How we execute our projects, matters to us. Being entrepreneurial at our core is key for our commitment to succeed with our sustainable strategy.


Being the most attractive partner and employer of tomorrow's infrastructure.


We create infrastructure that goes beyond the demands of today and tomorrow - both for people and the society.

Our core values


We work according to high ethical standards, we keep our promises, and deliver on agreed time, budget and quality. For us, promises exist to be kept.


We deliver infrastructure, not bureaucracy. We are driven by a strong commercial mindset.


We care for the safety of our employees and suppliers. We make sure to plan and act for the safety of people and our society.

Tomorrow in the making

Executive management

Henning Olsen


Ole Anton Guldsvik


Robert Röder

EVP & MD NRC Group Sweden

Harri Lukkarinen

EVP & MD NRC Group Finland

Lene Engebretsen

EVP & Head of Communications

Arild Ingar Moe

EVP & MD NRC Group Norway

Jussi Mattsson

EVP & Head of Strategy and Business Development

Marianne Ulland Kellmer

EVP & Head of HR

Board of Directors

Rolf Jansson (1969)

Chairman of the board

Mats Williamson (1958)

Board member

Eva Nygren (1955)

Board member

Tove Elisabeth Pettersen (1970)

Board member

Outi Henriksson (1969)

Board member

Heikki Allonen (1954)

Board member

Karin Bing Orgland (1959)

Board member